English Drama

  • English Drama

Teachers In Charge

Ms Angeline Wee


Ms Komathy


CCA Schedule

Monday, 2 - 4 p.m.

About Us

The OEPS English Drama was created to cultivate the love for performing arts through experience and involvement in drama. During the sessions, our pupils receive training in Drama techniques, engage in small group activities like script-writing and eventually put together an annual performance to showcase their learning.

Charlie _ the Chocolate Factory 2019

Our Objectives

  • Discover their interests and talents in performing arts
  • Foster friendships and social integration amongst students of diverse backgrounds
  • Understand artistic techniques to express themselves in Drama 
  • Express, create and communicate confidently in and about Drama
  • Develop social and emotional competencies while working to achieve common artistic goals.


  • 2018
    Recess programme (Fun with Art and Drama)
    MuzART Day performance - The Gruffalo

  • 2019
    MuzART Day performance - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • 2020
    International Science Drama Competition


Circle time
Drama small group activity 1
Drama small group activity 3
Drama whole group activity 1
Freeze frame 1
Freeze frame 4
Freeze frame 3
Drama filming in progress