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Teachers In Charge

Mdm Sidah


Mdm Ashilah


CCA Schedule

CCA Days:       Thursday


Time:                2.00pm - 4.00pm


Venue:              Art Room



The Art and Crafts Club allows pupils with a shared interest and passion in visual art to create and appreciate art through fun and engaging ways. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore different tools and media in their art making. They are also exposed to various art forms such as painting and mixed media, which provide platforms for them to express their ideas and creativity, as well as gaining greater understanding in art skills and concepts.

To enrich their experience, an annual learning journey to an art gallery/ museum is organized to raise pupils’ awareness of the current art scene in Singapore.


1. To nurture an interest in art.

2. To provide a platform for pupils to express their ideas and creativity in various forms of art making.


2022: Dragon Boat Festival Cards for Nursing Homes and Healthcare Facilities

(Collaboration with Art Connect)

Students designed cards to commemorate Dragon Boat Festival to be presented to residents and workers in selected nursing homes and healthcare facilities.


2022: Fun with Arts

Students are involved in facilitating in the various art making activities held during recess. They are tasked to plan, set-up, facilitate and clean up their exhibition/ art making booths.


2021 Mid- Autumn Cards for Nursing homes

(Collaboration with Art Connect)

Students designed cards to be presented to residents in selected nursing homes to create a more interactive experience for them.



  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021
  • Attitude of Gratitude to Frontliners: Hand Mural - Collaboration with My Art
    Buddies 2020
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Stronger Together Online Exhibition 2020
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2019
  • Healthy HeArts Day 2019 - Artist Talk
  • Fun with Arts Recess Programme 2019


2022: Batik

Students are introduced to the cultural aspects of batik and guided by the professional artist, Mr Sujak Rahman on batik making using traditional tools.

2021 : Little Red Dot - Diorama

Students created a variety of garden and city dioramas showing their ideas of what a high tech, eco-friendly Singapore may look like in the future. Using Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s visions of Singapore featured in ‘What’s Inside the Red Box’ by author Phua San San as their source of inspiration, they explored and played with materials to create amazing dioramas.


Art Enrichment with Freelance Artists

- 2021: Diorama

- 2020 : Fun with colors (schemes)

            : My Singapore Story - Diorama


- 2019 : Wire Sculpture (Garden Theme)

            : Painting

            : Lino Printing


- 2018: Mixed Media - Paper Pulp Mache
          : Paper Sculpture

           : Painting

           : Wire Sculpture (Picasso-inspired)


2021 - Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Certificate of Recognition - Cat C 

2019 - Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Certificate of Recognition -  Cat A & Cat B