Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: I would like to visit the school to see the school environment. How should I make the arrangement?

You may visit the school during the Open House where you could also find out information on the school’s curriculum and view the students’ work. Please check our school’s website for the date and registration details.


Q2: I am an ex-student of the school and I would like to join the Alumni. How should I register for the membership?

The school does not have an alumni association.

If you are interested to register your child for Primary One in OEPS, you may submit your registration under Phase 2A2.


Q3. I am a foreigner and my children are on dependent pass. I would like to enroll my children in your school. How should I register them?

For children on dependent pass, you may seek MOE’s assistance on enrolment to a government school.


Q4. I would like to volunteer at OEPS. How should I sign up as a volunteer?

If your child is currently in our school, you may join our Opera Parents Club as a parent volunteer. The registration form can be found under Our Partner -> Opera Parents -> About Us.

The school does not have parent volunteer scheme for parent whose child is yet to join the school.


Q5. I am going to shift my house to somewhere nearer to your school and I would like to transfer my child to OEPS. How should I transfer him to your school?

You may apply to transfer your child to a primary school nearer to your new residential address through the Primary School Transfer Services via this link.

Alternatively, you may want to be put on the school’s waitlist by emailing to school for the waitlist form. You would need to complete and return the waitlist form to the school by email. The school will contact you in due course if the transfer request is successful.


Q6. I would like to contact my child’s/ward’s Form Teacher to find out about his progress. How should I contact the teacher?

You may email your queries to the teachers. Their email addresses can be found under About Us -> School Staff -> Teaching Staff.


Q7. My child/ward has misplaced/lost his EZLink Card. How can I get a replacement?

For EZlink Card replacement, you may download the application form from the Transitlink website at The instructions and details can be found on the form.

To report loss of card, please call Transitlink Hotline at 1800-2255663 and the card will be invalidated within 48 hours.