School Mission and Vision, Values and Motto

School Vision

We Learn, We Grow, We Achieve

School Mission

(Grow Leaders, Empower Learners, Mould Character)

School Values

School Values SE Competencies Character Traits What it Means
Excellence Through Diligence Self-Awareness
I Am Responsible
I Am Resilient
1. Neat in work and appearance
2. Shows a keen interest to learn
3. Completes tasks to the best of his/her ability
4. Works hard to excel
 Different Yet One  Social Awareness
Relationship Management
 I Am Respectful
I Am Caring
I Love Harmony
 1. Speaks to teachers and peers politely
2. Shows respect for others and their opinions
3. Shows care and concern for others
4. Appreciates & respects the cultural practices of others
 Integrity in Us Responsible Decision Making  I Am Honest 1 Speaks the truth
2. Returns things that do not belong to him/her
3. Does the right thing without being told
4. Takes responsibility for his/her actions

School Motto

 It is the hope of every teacher and pupil of the school to strive for
and achieve greater heights in our search for excellence.