ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY in OEPS is through creating an AWARENESS, students exercise CHOICES to make an informed and responsible decision for ACTION.
3 THEMES support Environment Sustainability in OEPS

GREEN CHAMPIONS believe they can make a difference and promote an Attitude of Gratitude to Earth in the school community.

Green Champions play an active role in leading the school in Environment Sustainability.

Green Champions - Create awareness through FTGP talks & recess activities- Support School-wide & Level Activities
  • Keeping School Clean Movement
  • Reduce Waste - 3Rs/ Paper Recycling
  • Reduce Food Waste - Composting Machine
  • World Water Day
  • Earth Hour
  • Monitoring Garden
Keep School Clean Movement
Primary 3 to Primary 6 Green Champions are rostered to ensure that:
  • Maintain cleanliness in the classroom
  • Manage the recycling tray in the classroom
  • Switch off lights along the corridors before 7.30 am daily

Monitoring of the OEPS Green Corridor

Green Champions have a sense of ownership to care for the biodiversity in OEPS. Selected GCs monitor the condition of the Opera Green Corridor during their recess, using the Epicollect5 app. They actively give feedback  about the flora and fauna and the safety aspects of the garden.

Reduce Food Waste – Composting Machine
Green Champions took charge of the composting machine by guiding fellow students on disposing of the leftover food during recess. A sharing was conducted by a Green Champion on reducing food waste during FTGP to bring greater awareness that food waste can be converted into fertiliser and put to good use.
World Water Day
There was a sharing on World Water Day and water conservation during FTGP. Through a recess activity, Green Champions took the lead to spread awareness on water conservation with their classmates.
OEPS Earth Hour
An FTGP talk was conducted on saving electricity and to bring a greater awareness on Earth Hour. OEPS switched off all lights at a specific time to commemorate Earth Hour. It was followed up with a recess activity.