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IT Club

Ms Sherilyn Lee(Overall In-Charge)
Mdm Swee Shou Peng, Tammy

Mdm Jodie Poh

Mondays (2.00pm – 4.00pm)

Computer Lab 3

To be competent in using a variety of multimedia tools and produce quality project work
based on specific themes given.
Throughout the CCA, we hope to impart and nurture our pupils in values like teamwork, responsibility and leadership
Through the recreational activities held bi-yearly, pupils will foster a stronger friendship among themselves and the teachers

Games Development and Basic Animation Production Skills Workshop
This workshop provides a fun environment for the students to learn basic knowledge of animation process and game development through
theory and hands on exercise with stop-motion.

Students will be able to :
Use various open source multimedia like Stykz and Pencil 2.0 Animation to do stop motion animation
Acquire the concept and skill of game design and development through the use of Game Maker software
Do detail planning with the use of Storyboarding
Learn different techniques in videography like marco, light and shadows, rule of thirds and alternative videography
Edit their video using the Window Movie Maker software

Other Activities 2010 – 2014
Recreational activities
Pizza Eating
Captian Ball Match
Movie watching
Ice-cream Feast
Participating in External Competition to gain experience

Year 2011
National Infocomm Club Award Competition (NICA)
School Digital Media Award (SDMA)

Year 2012
School Digital Media Award (SDMA)

Outdoor Videography
Achievements :

Year 2013/2014

National Infocomm Club Competition (NICA)
School Digital Media Award (SDMA)

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