Open House 2019


The Science Department showcased the efforts to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry in our students. Selected students from Primary 3 to Primary 5 carried out experiments which are part of the learning experiences in the Science curriculum. The E2K Science programme and P3/P4 Project Work (Code for Fun & Digital Maker Programme) were also presented to guests, showcasing the opportunities given to our students to deepen scientific and critical thinking skills. It was an enriching experience for the Science student ambassadors as they shared the joy of learning Science!

Full of passion and confidence, our pupils enthusiastically shared with visitors about their Math lessons in OEPS. Some were the mini teachers of the day, demonstrating how they learnt mathematical concepts and skills using ICT tools and manipulatives in class. To show how Math was connected in everyday life, others led in hands-on activities that integrated Art and Math. There were also the patient game masters who engaged in friendly and interactive games to show how learning Math could be fun and exciting as well.


Student leader helpers at the MT booths engaged visitors at Open House 2019 by explaining and demonstrating the use of various apps, such as Quizlet and Nearpod, that teachers use in the classroom to engage pupils in their learning. Visitors had the opportunity to try out the apps for a better idea of what they entail. Lower primary pupils were also on hand to showcase how they have used Moo-O to “act” by assuming the characters of stories. Different language games were on display, and visitors had the opportunity to try their hands at these games to experience what it is like to learn in the classroom.

The photo shows our prefects (student leaders) demonstrating the student outcome as confident students with the attitude of care to help out our school in promoting good name for the school.